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It’s all in Premium Domain Names

Premium domain names have become one of the hottest commodities in the business world as more and more of the Forbes top 500 businesses lay out big premiums to capture their share of the marketplace. sold for $30-million making it the highest price ever paid for a domain name more than a year ago. was just sold two weeks ago for $2.5-million, demonstrating the fact that premium domain names are demanding top dollar. Memorable domain names have ever lasting support online. There are two types of domains that make a business successful online, branded names which cost millions of dollars to brand with advertising and all sorts of other marketing and keyword domains that are memorable and closely related to a business. specializes in keyword domain names for business. The advantage to getting a premium domain name from WhereHouse is multi-faceted. Names on WhereHouse are memorable so web visitors or surfers on the web are more likely to remember your domain name and return to your website time and time again increasing the likelihood that they’ll do business with your company.

Branded names also take longer to market to become a successful enterprise. They are also more expensive to advertise and market, taking a larger marketing budget. only became the successful business it is through massive marketing and advertising efforts over years online.

A fine example of a strong keyword domain that would make a great online business is, available on WhereHouse and priced under market. It has two extraordinary keywords, something that just about everyone wants to play under, sunny skies and a mixture of having great times and enjoyment on memorable vacations. could be used as a travel website, a domain for a business in the Bahamas, Florida, California or an airline booking site. Vacation destinations in Hawaii have all sorts of places where people go to play in the sun that could be successfully marketed with It’s a memorable name, easy to recall and easier to say so people will return to it time and time again.

The best domain names are easy to remember. The over-whelming majority of domain names on are easy to remember. If you’re considering a name for a business or thinking about investing in a domain name, check out the hundreds of premium names in a variety of business verticals on WhereHouse.