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Multi-Million Dollar Domain Sales Boom

Domain name sales are booming and prices are increasing at a steady clip, according to an analysis of the oldest domain trade news website in the industry. sold for $3.14-million and sold for a cool $2-million during the month of September, reported.

The sales clearly indicate a large jump in premium domain name sale prices evidenced throughout the year as more and more businesses develop online ventures to market products. A series of multimillion-dollar domains have sold in 2021, with still others that are pending.

The seismic movement in domain names comes as the industry undergoes a major revolution in ecommerce development. More small time ecommerce businesses are being developed than ever before as website developers gravitate to home businesses to make up for incomes lost during the global pandemic.

Six figure sales of names are also becoming more popular, with brining in $180,000 and scoring $160,000 during the month. The highest price paid for any domain name thus far was for at $30-million a few years ago.

Top level premium domain names are shown to be indexed more rapidly by search engines, remembered better by consumers to return to websites more regularly and valued at higher prices than domains that are “brandable” names.

However, the popularity of brandable names also continues to grow, with many brandable names that are sold at a lower price point than keyword domain names like those marketed on But as it has so often been said, everything comes with a price. Saving a few dollars at first could prove more costly in the end.

Advertising costs vary from industry to industry but making a website popular has everything to do with relevance. There is no better way than using a domain name that tells website users what the site is about directly in its domain name to find an audience on the web. provides a warehouse of domains in more than 100 industries to market products online.